Emily Cross (University of Glasgow / Macquarie University Sydney)

Emily Cross’ core interest is how we perceive and behave in social interactions. This is however not limited to social interactions among humans, she is also exploring interactions between humans and robots! She wants to understand how the human brain processes and responds to interactive robots, so humanity can be optimally prepared for an area that will without doubt become highly relevant in the future. Her broad range of research interests also includes dance as a way to explore complex action cognition, learning by observation and the neural foundations of art appreciation/neuroaesthetics.

Emily Cross’ Website

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy (Northwestern University)

Yevgenia (Genia) Kozorovitskyi wants to expand the understanding of neuromodulation and plasticity in the brain. Her interests range from the influence of neurohypophyseal peptides, over neuromodulation of adult synaptogenesis, to reconfiguration of the neural proteome. She hopes her research will facilitate the development of new therapeutic applications, exploiting the power of neuromodulators to functionally reconfigure, and even rewire, neural circuits.

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy’s Website

Nelson Totah (Helsinki Institute of Life Science)

Nelson Totah uses complex behavioral tasks in combination with electrophysiology in rodents, in order to understand the neural basis of learning to adapt to change in the world.

Nelson Totah’s Website